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NACAG Flyer (English)

Combatting climate change by incentivizing the transformation of the nitric acid sector.
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Declaration (English)

Non-legally binding declaration on N₂O mitigation in nitric acid production
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Statement of Undertaking

By signing this document, governments commit themselves to phasing out nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production.
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Grant Application Notice (EN)

In order to be eligible for financial support from the NACAG Support Facility, plant operators have to fill in and sign the Grant Application Notice. The notice includes information on eligibility criteria and the application procedure. In addition, its annexes contain the actual application form, the Declaration of Honor and the Declaration on Climatic Benefits.
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Grant Application Notice (ES)

Para poder recibir apoyo financiero de NACAG, los operadores de plantas deben llenar y firmar el formulario de Solicitud de Subvención (Grant Application Notice, GAN, por sus siglas en inglés). El formulario incluye información sobre los criterios de elegibilidad y el procedimiento de solicitud. Además, sus anexos contienen la Declaración Jurada y la “Declaración de Beneficios Climáticos”.
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